Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I am Princess X by Cherie Priest

Honestly, by the looks of the cover, I did not want to read this book.  But I kept hearing about how good it was, so I picked it up.  Glad I did!  One of my favorite summer reads.

Two girls meet in the fifth grade because neither is allowed to participate in PE.  Off on the sidelines of the playground, Libby, the artist, and May, the storyteller, create their own comic, Princess X.  They have been best friends since.  And have created notebooks and notebooks of their comic.

Libby and her mom get into a car accident and die, and Princess X dies along with them.  Now, May is sixteen and to her complete surprise discovers a sticker, among other thngs, with Princess X on it.  This is the mystery of May figuring out how, and where, the new comic, Princess X is coming from.  She is convinced it is Libby - but how can it be?  This book kept me on my toes and was a very enjoyable read. (MS, HS)

RATING:  4.5

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